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First of all, thank you for visiting and for having an art taste that goes beyond pretty landscapes :) In this online shop you will find Limited Edition Canvas Prints based on Maltese artist Julian 'Julinu' Mallia's original oil paintings and pencil drawings.

Canvas Prints
  • All canvas prints are signed, numbered and wrapped around a wooden framework - ready for wall-hanging (so there's no need for additional framing costs);
  • All prints form part of a limited edition of 120;
  • All prints come packaged in bubble-wrap inside a custom-made box;
  • Each box includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a set of 4 Complimentary Stickers;
  • Deliveries for orders from Malta are free. Please allow around 10 working days from date of order till delivery;
  • Worldwide shipping is available. Please allow around 2 to 3 weeks from date of order till delivery. Shipping rates are displayed when checking out;
  • Your support will enable the artist to spend more time on the new paintings he's currently working on;
  • Warning: After purchasing a print you might experience a 13.7% increase in your personal awesomeness. This is to be expected and the artist cannot be held accountable for the consequent increase in quality of life 🙃

Get in touch for a studio-viewing!

Please contact Julian for additional enquiries about these prints or about the original oil-paintings. Some originals might be still available. 

Julinu Prints  
About the Artist

Julian 'Julinu' Mallia is an award-winning Maltese visual artist specialising in concept-driven work. His most representative visual work is typically conceptual, characterised by atmospheric and surreal imagery and occasionally laced with dry humour. Julian juggles his idea-driven practice between: 

  • Fine Art Oil Painting:
  • Digital Illustration & Graphic Design;
  • Drumming.

This multidisciplinary approach probably gives a glimpse into his unorthodox approach to creative exploration.

More info on www.julinu.com/about